Best Charcuterie in Fort Lauderdale

Rebel Wine Bar’s revolutionizes the idea of Charcuterie for gatherings at whatever size. Before Rebel Wine Bar, people may have taken a shortcut with the ideas of Charcuteries that offer no flavors from around the world or just a single flavor.

We have inside and outside vendors available for any size party.

Charcuterie Catering and In-house Ideas

  • Grazing Boards
  • Charcuterie Classes
  • Charcuterie for Birthdays or Events
  • Charcuterie and Cheese Catering for Parties

You will be ecstatic when you taste the more than 20 varieties of charcuterie received from France, Italy and Spain.

Numerous varieties of chorizo, prosiezle, hard salami, and coppa round them out nicely with a variety of moist and dry sausages. The team at Rebel wine Bar has been hand-cutting these meats with a light touch and a sharp knife with a light touch to craft all of the most inventive appetizers and hors d’oeuvres. These enticing ingredients add a sprinkle of fun to any event. For any event, they have a large assortment of charcuterie from many different countries, from all over the world. From our vast selection, can be used in sandwiches, plates or even tossed together in a spread.